What You Need To Do On Your WordPress Site Regularly


What You Need To Do On Your WordPress Site Regularly


Are you updating your content?


This takes, what, 5-7 minutes every two weeks? To make sure your site doesn’t get hacked? Yeah, seems worth it to me! In your WordPress dashboard, under updates, you can update your plugins regularly! New versions are always coming out and it’s best practice to manually go in once every few weeks to update them.


Backing up your website is keeping a copy of your website files in a database or on your own devices just in case something goes wrong, like your site breaking! Best practice on how often you should backup your site is to think how often you update it. Think about a blog. Do you blog daily, weekly, monthly? That is how often you should backup your site.


Continually access your main KPIs. Are you interested in maintaining site speed? Then it would be best to deactivate plugins and delete images from your database that you aren’t using on your site. How about accessing your drop off pages? Think about how you can optimize these pages for your users.


How often are you updating your content? Do you have a blog that you maintain? Are you updating your copy, images when needed? Are you adding in keywords into your website copy?