Why Having A Visually Appealing Website Is Important


September 8, 2020

Why Having A Visually Appealing Website Is Important

To me, websites are the foundation of a brand. It’s the first place a visitor goes to learn about your business. To see what your offerings are, business hours, or generally updates. 

So, if your website doesn’t look nice, isn’t functional and doesn’t perform, how are people supposed to learn about your business? 


Attractive websites get users to stay on a landing page, click through to other pages and ultimately CONVERT. Because overall, websites lead to conversions. Depending on your business, that can mean, store purchases, email sign ups or filling out an application form.

Having a visually appealing website and a secure site builds trust in a user. Hence, coming back to become a returning visitor.

Think from your past experience, when you visit a site and it doesn’t look nice, the first thing you do is probably click right off. I personally know I would have more trust in a business if their website was appealing and functioned properly.

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Dana Kahrim