Which Website Platform Is Best


February 17, 2021

Which Platform To Use For Your Website? – Let’s Compare.

Choosing which website platform to use can be tricky. With so many out there, which is the right one for your business? Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of the ones that I’ve personally used.




With ⅓ of the internet’s websites powered by WordPress, this makes for a robust platform for great add ons and customization. 

PRO – If you need a website that has some serious custom code, behind login content or CRM integrations, WordPress is the way to go

PRO – There are many different ways to build a WordPress website. You can completely code the website, you can use a pre-built theme or you can you a theme builder on top of WordPress (my personal favourite and what I use)

PRO – It’s cheaper than most options since you need a 3rd party hosting service for WordPress

PRO + CON – Plugins. There are 1000’s of plugins that could be used with WordPress. However, many have security issues and can quickly become outdated which can result in issues with your website. But, if you find the right one, you can do a lot with just one

PRO + CON – If you’re looking for a cheap option for Ecommerce, Woocommerce for WordPress is a great option. It’s free to use, however, to customize it you need to know code (if you’re not using a theme builder) and Woocommerce isn’t as robust as Shopify’s Ecommerce platform

PRO – Overall, if you have a WordPress website, and you implement SEO tactics, you will rank better on Google




Wix is a great option for simple, clean websites for businesses that don’t need anything too complex. It’s a very basic platform but has limited functionality

PRO + CON – WIX is very basic and easy to use. There is not too much of a learning curve to it, however, no crazy integrations can be used with WIX

PRO + CON – WIX hosts your website for you and their security is great. You won’t have to worry about setting this up, swapping DNS over and all of that craziness. However, since they host your website for you, it’s a lot more expensive




PRO – Easy to use, very customizable and easy to navigation around

PRO – Squarespace can rank on Google pretty well

CON – I find that it very obvious when someone is using a Squarespace website because all of them have the same look and feel to them

CON – Squarespace hosts your website for you, so again, it is a little bit more expensive




Shopify was built for Ecommerce. If this is the sole of your business, this is where you wan to go, but it has it’s restrictions

PRO – Shopify’s Ecommerce platform is very easy to use. If you sell tons of products, this is the platform that you need to use. You can also integrate your physical store with Shopify’s online store

PRO – There are additional add ons that you can use to help make your store look attractive and be fully customizable

CON – Shopify’s customization on other pages (besides product pages) are very limited. It’s very hard to customize, even using a pre-built template. Unless you know code, changes the theme/template will be pretty difficult

CON – Similar price range to other platforms




This is the up and coming platform that more and more users are switching to. I gave this one a go, and while I still prefer WordPress, Show It comes in as a close second. 

PRO + CON – There are tons of beautifully templated website on Show It that you can easily customize. However, the templates are pretty pricey, but in my opinion, it’s worth it

PRO – So much creative freedom comes with a Show It website. 100% fully customizable

PRO + CON – All Show It websites are hosted with WPengine (Great hosting company) One of the more expensive options but with that comes great security

CON – They don’t fully support Ecommerce. Great for digital downloadable content but not for physical items