What Type Of Learner Are You? – It’s Important To Know


December 8, 2020

What Type Of Learner Are You? – It’s Important To Know


This is me! If I need to learn how to learn how to embed a code on a website, you better believe I’m watching a YouTube video about it instead of reading an article on the internet.

Visual learners observing things, pictures, diagrams, videos online.


 These are for people who enjoy listening to instructions because they best absorb information through sound.


This learning type is for those who prefer to read text rather than listen, watch, etc.


 These learners prefer the hands on approach, learning by doing and like to experience things for themselves.

It’s important to know what learning style if works best for you because this way, you’ll be more efficient if you absorb the information in your preferred learning style.


Take this quiz and let me know what learning style you are!