Website Responsiveness


June 10, 2020

Website Responsiveness

Google now prioritizes mobile friendly websites first for SEO

50% of users are viewing websites on a mobile device

Things that you can do make your website perform better on mobile:

  • Adjust font sizes/buttons to be appropriately sized for mobile vs. desktop
  • Don’t have automatic videos playing – this uses a lot data
  • Compress your images to a proper file size
  • Ensure your website is secure – this is especially important if for ecommerce
  • Continually test on mobile and always optimize

Why is having a mobile friendly website important?

Did you know that approximately 50% of users viewing a website are using their mobile phone? Google now ranks websites based on a number of different SEO factors, but mobile responsiveness being one of the first.

This is why mobile responsiveness in web development is so important! If your website is not mobile first, Google will actually derank your website and prioritize those that are mobile friendly.

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