Website Hosting Explained


December 14, 2020

Website Hosting…

Let me start with a domain. Domains are the URL of your website. My domain is “” this was purchased off of a domain registrar. Once you own a domain, your website needs to be hosted somewhere and stored on a web server somewhere on the internet. Most hosting companies require that you own your own domain in order to host with them.

If your using Wix or Squarespace, these companies host your website for you, which is why you pay them a higher monthly fee, starting around $20/month. The website set up process is fairly straightforward and easy to set up.

If you’re using WordPress, they do not host for you and you must purchase 3rd party hosting such as HostGator, Bluehost, etc. Of course this is more work, but once you set it up, you are good to go! Plus, since WordPress requires 3rd party hosting, the monthly fee you pay will be going towards that hosting company typically starting around $3-5.

To set up your 3rd party hosting, nameservers from your domain registrar need to be pointed in the right direction to your hosting… Or something like that, I’m not an expert! But, many of these hosting companies have an online chat support to help you out!

In the simplest form, that’s the jist of it!