The Shift From Traditional To Digital Marketing

December 5, 2020

The Shift From Traditional To Digital Marketing


Traditional To Digital.

Think back to before the internet. What was used to advertise? Traditional media. Such as billboards, radio, newspaper, catalogues and all print. You may have heard the term before “Print isn’t dying” – And well, it is and it isn’t.

But now think about where we are today? Everything is digital. So, if marketing never evolved and kept up to date with the times, society would reject it. Now, I’m not saying traditional marketing isn’t important, but everything is now online. Buying habits have shifted, consumerism has changed and much, much more. 

Why I personally think it has shifted so much is the people who are now being targeted. Right now, the most influential people are the younger generation. Millennials and Gen Z’ers. Those who are brought up in the digital world. They don’t consume traditional TV.  (Only Netflix, Hulu etc that have no commercials) or read magazines or listen to the radio. So the people that are spending the most money and who are most likely to make impulse purchases, need to have their attention captured in the right way. Online.

This is why we are starting to see such a large shift from traditional to digital. While traditional is still alive and well, think about who they are targeting. What type of products and services do you see using newspaper ads, commercials and radio? Probably something that appeals to an older generation. Pain killers, insurance brokers, and so on.

To me, a blend or both traditional and digital is the perfect combination to attract an audience and finding the balance between the two to see what works best for your business model.