The Best Project Management Tools


April 21, 2021

Well, what can I say? – I’m a Marketer! And as one, you definitely need to stay on top of those project management skills. I love project management! Staying on top of things, being organized and making sure the job gets done!

Here are some of my favourite PM tools!

If your a small business or manage a team:

  • – this is a great tool because you can customize your own personal board or a team board that every member can see while prioritizing tasks
  • Slack – I LOVE slack. Originally created to eliminate internally emailing – it does exactly that with instant messaging between clients and co-workers
  • Asana – Similar to, Asana is another great PM tool that manages a team, workflow and helps you stay organized. You can invite outside members to a board and update in real time


If your a sole entrepreneur, or a start-up that has a limited budget, here are some free tools:

  • Google Drive & Google Sheets – Anyone can sign up for a free gmail account and use cloud based storage for up to 15GB. I also recommend Google Sheets to colour code and prioritize scheduling and tasks. Plus, there are tons of free online templates to use to get started
  • Notion – The free version of Notion, is incredible! Write, plan, collaborate and organize your workflow with this great tool. With tons of different boards, layouts and templates to choose from, you can find a layout that works for you
  • Ticktick – If you like the simplistic approach, with ticktick you can simply jot down your to-do list and tick’d off, it gets crossed out!
  • Traditional pen & paper – Yup, I said it. Nothing beats physically writing down you daily to-do’s.

Let me know some of your favourite tools and tips!