Creating content on an ongoing basis to provide new value can sometimes be tricky. In fact, over 50% of B2B marketers struggle with this. 

The short answer? Yes.

I was skeptical about this for a long time until I did some more research. But for years, businesses and marketers have been repurposing content to provide a new value and meaning to customers, clients and stakeholders.

Content doesn’t always need to be created or developed. In fact, it might be more beneficial to repurpose existing content, but with an expanded reach. Share that content with a lookalike audience, target new people. Although it can be the same content, it serves a different purpose.

Messaging and the thought behind the content is the same, but the format and the way it is consumed is different. 

If you have a piece of content that performed exceptionally well, repurpose that content and use it again. For example, repurposing a blog post can help you perform better with your SEO and rank better overall on search engines. 

If that content performs well, that message most likely has a strong meaning behind it.