Personas – What Are They & Why Are They Important


December 1, 2020

Think about who your main customer is. Wouldn’t it be ideal to know who that person is, and what they do for a living? What about if they have pets? What’s their favourite colour? Do they eat dark chocolate or white? Thai food or India? Do they like wearing red shirts to go to the mall? And how many times have they seen Star Wars? And how many slices of pizza can they eat in one sitting? Are they funny and outgoing or shy and reserved?

Knowing all these details about your customer and more will help map out the perfect customer journey. 

So, creating personas help with realistic identifiers of who your target audience is. Give your personas general name, a hobby, a career, a personality. Do your research on your customer to see how to build your personas.


Here is example of a persona for an eco-friendly Bamboo straw company:

Persona #1

Motivated Millennial

Age: 18 – 25

Challenges: Looking for products that help sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle to avoid unnecessary plastic use.

Lifestyle: Environmentally friendly. Progressive. Adaptable. They live a simple, carefree lifestyle with conscious efforts in reducing environmental waste. 

Media Outlets: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Establishing personas helps create real life connections with your audiences. Customers like to see a personality behind a brand. When a brand shows real emotions, personality traits, thoughts, feelings, it helps drive a relationship with your audience.

Having a visually appealing website and a secure site builds trust in a user. Hence, coming back to become a returning visitor.

Think from your past experience, when you visit a site and it doesn’t look nice, the first thing you do is probably click right off. I personally know I would have more trust in a business if their website was appealing and functioned properly.