Branding 101 – How To Get Inspired


June 10, 2020

branding 101

How to get inspired & stay inspired.

Colour Stories

Selecting colours that pair well together is hard. But my #1 tip for picking your brand colours is to get inspired! You probably already know what your primary colour is, but what secondary colours should be selected?

I highly recommend using: Adobe Colours Explore. Simply type in your primary colour or words that you want to represent your brand and adobe will generate a colour scheme.

You can start with a colour scheme like this one or get inspired by it!


Unsplash is another great way to get inspired. They have royalty free stock images for anyone’s use. What I like to do it type in a colour, say “blue” for example, and a lot of blue imagery will appear that you can get inspired from!

I always thought branding was easy. Until I tried it.

Something I have always struggled with is picking your brand colours. Your brand colours are what represents you and who you are. What do you want those colours to be while still being visually appealing?